The Options For Elegant T Bedding Strategies

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In 2013, a Navy judge cited comments by then-President Barack Obama when he said two defendants in sexual assault cases couldn't be punitively discharged if they were found guilty because of Obama's public comments about cracking down on sexual assault. Now, Bergdahl's lawyers say the question of whether Trump went too far is one of monumental importance to the military justice system. "The circumstances require the military justice system to defend itself," the defense lawyers write. "Administrations come and go, but the credibility of the system must remain the lodestar." Eric Carpenter, a former Army lawyer who teaches law at Florida International University, said dismissing the charges "wouldn't be an unreasonable decision," but that military judges typically seek ways to keep cases moving. The judge could also give the defense wide leeway to challenge potential jurors or limit Bergdahl's punishment if convicted. VanLandingham said she believes dismissing the case would be the right thing to do. "I think justice demands a dismissal. But do I think it's going to happen? No," she said.

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