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By experimenting, brands can pinpoint how to best engage with customers on the right channel with relevant, personalized content — and then deliver the right customer experience at the right time. How can retailers get started with experimentation without hiring a bunch of PhDs? Here are a few ways brands can begin experimenting today with little cost and low risk: Whether a big box or local retailer, all brands should have a strategy to encourage customers to become loyal advocates and repeat shoppers. To do this, brand marketers first need to understand how to draw customers in organically so they can replicate it. REVOLVE is รองเท้าส้นเตารีดไม่สูงมาก one of many online retailers that has an ongoing experimentation program to predict customer spending trends and deliver the most relevant content possible to drive these purchases. In an effort to draw new users to their mobile app — where they could deliver highly-customized experiences — the team ran a test. They hypothesized that sending mobile web visitors to a splash page with promotion codes for REVOLVE’s mobile app would drive app installs. The experiment was a success: the variation with the discount increased app downloads from the mobile site by a whopping 350 percent. Retailers can apply the experiment mindset that REVOLVE has by creating hypotheses around customer sign ups and testing them with various new strategies. Importantly, retailers need not stop experimentation on the product pages. The customer journey doesn’t end when they put an item in their cart, and neither should optimization.

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