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Distributing vitamins A capsules Image copyright Empics Image caption Biofortified crops yield the same or sometimes better than the traditional crop "There have been campaigns to supply Vitamin A tablets to communities but they've not been sustainable. As you can imagine, traversing the whole country trying to distribute Vitamin A capsules is a challenge." Research has shown that just one capsule of vitamin A every six months could cut child mortality by 25%. But getting pills to millions of people in remote villages is not just difficult - it's also expensive. With vitamin A ชุด ว่า ย น้ํา เกาหลี supplements costing as much as $2.70 (2.20) per dose, fighting this deficiency globally through supplements alone would cost almost $3bn (2.4bn) per year, according to a report published on Science Direct. Breeding crop varieties that naturally produce the necessary nutrients provides steady access at a much cheaper cost. Advertising agricultural products Image caption Households in 10 different African countries now grow orange-fleshed sweet potatoes It's an idea that's been tried before, but not as successfully. The genetically modified "Golden Rice" was loaded with Vitamin A to tackle the same problems but proved highly controversial, with critics saying that only organic ways of delivering Vitamin A should be relied on. Although biofortification can sometimes involve genetic modification, Dr Mwanga and his fellow sweet potato researchers only use conventional breeding methods. The work which won the World Food Prize has been hailed as the single most successful example of biofortification. However, Dr Mwanga says that the promotion and advertising brazilian swimsuits of such highly beneficial crops is sorely lacking. "Everywhere you go, you can see advertisements for soft drinks, alcohol, and beach wear dresses other foods, but not for agricultural products.

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