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Thirdhand Smoke: Your Skin Absorbs Nicotine from Air and Clothing Thirdhand Smoke: Your Skin Absorbs Nicotine from Air and Clothing Nicotine in the air and clothing permeates skin and enters the bloodstream at levels equivalent to inhalation of secondhand smoke. (Inside Science) -- Even if you’re not a cigarette smoker, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve come home from a night out smelling like an ashtray. The odor may not bother you, but it’s still a good idea to take a shower, or at least change into clean clothes, according to new research. Nicotine from the air penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream, and leaving it on your clothes or skin after exposure can be similar to inhaling secondhand cigarette smoke, according to a study published in November in the journal Indoor Air . But wearing clean clothes or taking a shower after encountering nicotine-filled air can help reduce the level of exposure. “We are all familiar with the situation in which we walk into, say, a hotel room, or even people’s houses -- you can smell that people have been smoking there,” said Hugo Destaillats, a chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, who was not involved with this study. You smell it because compounds from the smoke, including nicotine, continue to linger in the air and on surfaces, he said. We know that nicotine can enter the bloodstream after concentrated and direct contact with the skin, such as the skin patches used to help smokers stop using cigarettes. But last year, scientists from Denmark, Germany and the U.S. published a pilot study demonstrating that skin also absorbs nicotine from cigarette smoke in the air, and at a level comparable to inhalation.

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A number of those injured are reported to be in a serious condition. Authorities said all carriages had now been searched, but would not rule out a rise in the number of dead. A spokeswoman for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said investigators had arrived at the scene on Monday night local time and would probably be there for a week or 10 days. Bella Dinh-Zarr said the 12-carriage train had engines at the front and rear. The back engine's data recording had been retrieved, she said, and "preliminary indications are that the train was travelling at 80mph on a 30mph track". "Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected by this very tragic accident," she said. Passengers say the train rocked and creaked as it took the bend fast before barrelling off a bridge on to a motorway packed with traffic. Seven vehicles, two of them lorries, were hit on the I-5 highway below. Several people were injured in their vehicles but none died. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionPassenger describes the train crash: "We could feel cars crumpling" State transport spokesperson Barbara LaBoe was quoted in the Seattle Times newspaper as saying the limit on most of the track was 79mph (128km/h) but drivers were supposed to slow dramatically at the spot where the train derailed . She said warning signs were in place two miles before the lowered limit.


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